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Digital Output to Motion Controller



I'm using the digital output from a NI-9401 to provide input to a motion controller to enable preprogrammed moves like stop, start, and motion profile. There is a sequence required by the controller , stop, then profile set, then start inputs. I am using a state machine to sequence through the steps and the logic works for the first move. But, I am having trouble resetting the logic for the start before the next move and am looking for advice. Adding  an addition sequence frame, seems to prevents any moves.


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Are you able to control the preprogrammed moves without the use of the state machine (by this I mean, run states individually instead of in the state machine sequence). I am curious to see if it has to do with the implementation of the state machine, or something else related to hardware or what signals are sent to the motor controller. Also can you please attach a copy of your VI, instead of a screenshot of a section of it? If you are unable to provide a copy of the code, can you provide a small test case that shows the same behavior that you are seeing now? This makes troubleshooting much easier for myself, as well as any other members of the forums that would like to help as well!

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