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Digital Output 6052E BNC-2111

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I am trying to generate digital signal using 6052E DAQ and BNC-2111. I used NI-MAX test panel to make sure that I can generate Digital output using this DAQ and BNC, but the problem is that the output of the channels do not change when I set them from Low to High. I am trying to control a 4 way relay with this DAQ so I need 4 different DOs. I can use the 2 AO to simulate DO. The problem is that PFI0, CTR1, AO EXT REF, AO 0 and AO 1 are always 0 Volt and PFI2, PFI7 and CTR 0 are always 5 Volt.

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The PFI lines are usually used for timing signals so I don't believe they would work properly for DI/O

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Thank you for the link and your answer,

I used PFI lines as digital outputs on another DAQ and I assumed that it is possible for all DAQs. But as I read in the link that you sent, PFI just could be used as static digital outputs in some DAQ cards. 

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