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Diagnose BNC-2110



I am working with a BNC-2110 block and I read the signal in LabView. The problem is my Ch1 does not give as a strong a signal as the Ch0. 

How can I check if there is something wrong with the BNC connectors?



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have you switched the cables or tried different ones? if have no other available, you can test continuity and twist the cables in different directions to know if they lose contact

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Thanks for the response.


I have tried with different cables and there is still a difference between the connectors in Ch0 and Ch1.



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If you are measuring analog inputs, you could try to measure a battery, and if you are generating an analog output try connecting a high resistance (>10kOhm), and measure the voltage with a multimeter.


Try using different code like the DAQmx examples for voltage input and voltage output.


You say that you are reading in LV, are you acquiring or generating the signal? Digital? Analog?


Also, how are you measuring it? Do you have a circuit or device connected to the other end of the cable? Can you try  to measure it with nothing connected but the multimeter on the other end of the cable?



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I am acquiring the analog signal in LabVIEW. The voltage signal comes from a photo detector, that is connected via BNC cable to the BNC 2110 block, and I have a PCI 6110 as a DAQ device. How can I know which channels of the PCI 6110 are connected with the BNC 2110?

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Hi cmedina, you can get that from the webpage manuals or datasheets
For the card, you can see the pinout of the PCI card on NI MAX, right click over the PCI card and Device Pinout, it takes you to the  DAQmx help, there you should see the pin names of the 6110, or on the datasheet

And for the 2110 block, check the Installation guide under the resources tab of the device webpage:

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Thanks for all the help niarena.

I already checked the manuals and I know how they are connected. I have another problem, though, the analog input to channel 0 from the PCI 6110 is just giving a flat line at  10V when I run

LabVIEW and try to acquire the voltage data. Do you think I broke the PCI card trying to fix it?. The other channels remain to do the same since the first question.



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Gee, I couldn't tell that, try measuring some known signals like a sine wave or a battery voltage with the Voltage-Continuous example on the example finder.It's possible that it broke but try things like inserting it into another slot of the motherboard, or using another cable if you can get one and check the pins to see if there is one that could be broken or twisted.

It could be broken but try a few more troubleshooting before considering that, things like inserting the card into another slot of the motherboard, or using another cable if you can get one and check the pins to see if there is one that could be broken or twisted.

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