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Cannot create a digital channel for NI PXI-6541 from Measurement Studio


I'm trying the example from Measurement Studion examples: ReadDigChan_ChangeDetection_Events

and I have an error - the environment does not support this feature. Status Code: -50256

Win10, NI PXI-6541, Measurement Studio v18

What can I do?





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Hi Theo,


This error usually means that the feature you are trying to use is not supported by the device.


A list of devices that support it can be found in this article Which NI Digital IO Devices Support Change Detection?


Kind regards,


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Hello Vilius,

thank you for your prompt reply.

I'm looking for an alternative to creating a digital channel and an attached event. 

In our setup, a digital channel output goes from one module to counter/trigger input of PXI-4462 ADC module.

I need to register the time of triggering, so if I cannot do it from dig output, maybe I could do it from the counter side. 

In the Measurement Studio examples, there's only one to get the counter but it is done by polling, which is not precise enough for me.

Can I attach an event to the counter going up one count? It would be great if you can direct me to an example...

Sincerely yours



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