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Can I use SCXI 1121 connected to PCE series board for digital I/O?

I am using PCI MIO 16XE 50 board. I want to control the mechanical motion of 4 objects using this board. I am using LabVIEW 5.1 on windows. The input is in the form of square pulse wave and I want to pass the input to the 4 solenoids through SCXI. I have a SCXI1000 chasis and SCXI1121 module. I wanted know, can I use SCXI 1121 for digital I/O?
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The SCXI-1121 is an analog input module and does not have the capability to output square waves.

There are two possible solutions:
1. If you only need one or two different square pulses that will be routed to the 4 solenoids, you can use the existing counters on the PCI-MIO-16XE-50 to generate a pulse train that can be fed to the 4 solenoids.
In order to get access to the counters you will need to use an SCXI-1180 feed through module that will give you access to all the pins that are not used by SCXI (which includes the counter pins).

2. your other option would be to purchase a 6602 counter board, which has 8 counters and will allow you to generate up to 8 different independently configured square pulse trains that can be used to control the 4 solenoids.
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