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I installed the I/O board 6513 and using a MAX (Test Panel) to run some Output test.  Even if I set everything to "HIGH", I am getting no output from the card.  I tested the cable (CB-100) and they are ohming out ok.   Is there something else I am not doing right?
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Hi Mike,

I did tried the invert and everything in the MAX to no avail.  I do have another IO card (legacy) on another system.  I play around with MAX and I was able to get 5V and 0V when I do the switching on Port0Line1.  I couldn't with this one... Any idea?  Does the 6513 has problem before with other customer?



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Hi Thanh,

I was wondering if there is a source connected to the PCI-6513 since it has sinking digital outputs. You should still be able to change the state of the line but if there is no source, you will not see the voltage change. There is more information on sourcing and sinking outputs in this article. The connection diagram for how to hook up the signals can be found in the NI 651x User Manual on page 4-9.

Applications Engineer
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