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What sales models are available to NI Tools Network providers?


Types of Sale Offerings

       1. Free

    The product is available with full functionality and no licensing restrictions. Many providers choose to post free products as a demonstration of their knowledge and also to generate leads for consulting business. Note that NI does not provide any user info about end-users who download free products from the NI Tools Network. Any lead generation must be implemented by the provider.

       2. Sold Externally (Reference Sell)

   Reference sell products are hosted by the NI Tools Network and can be evaluated upon download. However, the sales and fulfillment process are handled by the provider. So, the model page for a reference sold product will direct a customer to the provider's site and contact information to make the purchase. So long as the product can be evaluated upon download, we will reference sell it.

       3. Sold Through NI

   These are products which are assigned an NI part number and can be sold through NI. In order to be sold through NI, the product must be licensed using either the NI License Manager Third - Party SDK or Third Party Licensing and Activation Toolkit (TPLAT). Sales of these products are processed and fulfilled by NI and the provider is paid back quarterly based on the number of units sold. If the product is licensed with a different method, or uses a complicated licensing structure, our tendency is to encourage providers to reference sell. 


How do Providers Get Paid and How Often?

In order to sell a product through NI, providers must complete the Selling Through NI form.

In this form, you will provide financial information needed to process payments. You will set your own price for the product, in US dollars, and NI will pay back 70% of the sale price for each unit sold on a quarterly basis. NI will provide a monthly report if any units are sold in a given month, detailing the sales, and a quarterly report of all sales during that quarter and the amount to be paid. Right now payments are only made once per quarter.


Discounts on NI Tools Network Products

Discounts for NI Tools Network products may only be given with written consent of the third party provider. This includes single unit sales. Providers may send an email to and approve discounts on a per-sale basis.


NI Tools Network Product Renewals (SSP)

The majority of NI Tools Network products are not offered on SSP today. If providers are interested in offering renewals on their products, they should contact for more information.