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NI Tools Network Software Requirements

» NI Tools Network Software Requirements


NOTE: These requirements were formerly known as Compatible with LabVIEW requirements. 






Prior to submitting a product for the NI Tools Network, please review the software requirements outlined below.  We separate product requirements into the following categories:


  • LabVIEW Add-Ons  — APIs, code templates, custom controls, utilities, example code, and any other product used in the LabVIEW development environment.

  • Applications  — Stand-alone products executing outside of the LabVIEW environment.

  • VeriStand Add-Ons — Real-time test applications executing in the VeriStand environment.
  • TestStand Add-Ons — Test and validation applications executing in the TestStand environment.
  • FlexLogger Plugins — Plugins running within the FlexLogger Environment
  • Gweb Development Software Add-on - Add-ons for Gweb software
  • Other — Other types of products also have a home on the NI Tools Network.  Please contact the NI Tools Network team for more information on these requirements.

If you believe your product should be exempted from a particular requirement, please contact our team before submitting.

NOTE: From February 23, 2023, NI Tools Network will no longer accept New Products Licensed with TPLAT.


When you are ready to submit your product for review, please fill out an application here: NI Tools Network Submission Form