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NI Tools Network Software Requirements for VeriStand Add-On Software

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Requirement Additional Resources
Product is shipped with an installer.  
Installer prompts the user if dependent software is not present on a system.  
The package includes a EULA which complies with the “Restrictions” and “Application Deployment” sections of the NI Software License Agreement.  
Users can uninstall the product.  
There is a documented or intuitive update process.  
Activation (if applicable)  
The add-on is able to be evaluated immediately upon downloading the software.  
Users are reminded of the remaining trial time or uses.  
Upon the trial expiring, users are prompted to activate the add-on.  
The add-on can be activated using appropriate credentials.  
Examples and Tutorials  
Add-on provides examples and/or tutorials to demonstrate how to use the product in VeriStand.  
Examples and tutorials are intuitive and any required steps are documented.  
Examples include VI descriptions viewable from NI Example Finder.  
Tutorials include explanations to describe what is demonstrated or accomplished by following the tutorial in order to serve as a learning aid for customers.  
File Structure File and Folder Names for Integrating into VeriStand
Add-on files are placed in the correct locations.  
Files and folders follow a recommended company/product naming convention to ensure namespacing and avoid conflicts with other add-ons.  
Model DLLs  
Model DLLs import into VeriStand and behave as expected (if applicable).  
Documentation relating to installation must be accessible before installation.  
Add-on contains a help document accessible from the Windows Start menu or within the product.  
Documentation describes any installation steps outside of running the installer (if applicable).  
Third-party and NI software dependencies are documented (if applicable).  
Hardware system requirements are documented (if applicable).  
Product directs users to a support channel for technical support.  
User Experience  
No unexpected crashes or errors reported.  
No apparent memory leaks or undocumented spikes in CPU or memory when using add-on and/or examples.  
UI has seamless integration within VeriStand.  
User interface is intuitive for all utilities, dialogs, and stand-alone applications.  
User experience is professional in look, feel, and operation.  
User is provided with feedback during long operations (e.g., progress bar, busy cursor, etc.).  
The custom device dialog links to a help document (if applicable).  
Dialog windows follow the same style as NI dialog windows.  
Dialog windows include Help buttons linking to the help document.  
Tab order of controls in dialogs are configured logically.  
Add-on works when deployed for operator-only use (if applicable).   
Real-Time Compatibility  
User can install RT dependencies through NI MAX (if applicable).  
Product does not include any malicious software.  
Product compiles with NI Tools Network Style Guide.  NI Tools Network Style Guide
It is clear to the user when administrator rights are required for successful use of the add-on.  
Product and accompanying documentation are localized in English.