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How to pass pointer struct parameter to LabVIEW

Hi frds,

Sub: How to pass pointer struct parameter to LabVIEW .


Before I referred following post & it’s not help much.


Here I am facing the issues to pass the pointer structure to LabVIEW.

Issue: I am facing issue in the parameter “XLmost150StreamOpen* pStreamOpen”

The parameter is a pointer struct & also it’s contain one more pointer inside the struct.

Now currently I am passing struct as cluster passing to DLL & DLL in configuration I made as array data pointer.

Error: wrong parameter: Description: Anyone of the parameter is wrong or invalid.

Suggestive Solution: the parameter (unsigned int* pStreamHandle;

 ) is giving the error.


Question: How to pass pointer struct & also it’s contain one more pointer inside the struct to DLL.


Please find the attachments .


The Function which is used in program :

XLstatus xlMost150StreamOpen (

XLportHandle portHandle,

XLaccess accessMask,

XLuserHandle userHandle,

XLmost150StreamOpen* pStreamOpen


Description Opens a stream (Tx / Rx) for routing synchronous data to or from the MOST bus (synchronous

channel). Additionally for a Tx stream, the desired bandwidth will be allocated.

Input parameters portHandle

The port handle retrieved by xlOpenPort().


The access mask specifies the channels to be accessed. Typically, the access

mask can be directly retrieved from the Vector Hardware Configuration tool if

there is a prepared application setup (see section xlGetChannelMask on page 40).

For further information on channel/access masks please also refer to section Principles

of the XL Driver Library on page 26.


The handle is created by the application and is used for the event assignment.


Pointer to XLmost150StreamOpen structure.

typedef struct s_xl_most150_stream_open {




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