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need help with the VISA Driver Wizard

I posted this in the main LabVIEW forum, but haven't gotten much back yet. My client is still struggling to find a solution. Any expertise out there?


Several years ago, I did a project for a client in which I used the VISA Driver Wizard to create a driver for a custom piece of hardware with a USB interface. We interfaced to the driver in LabVIEW, and had it properly digitally signed so that it worked with W10.

Recently, the same client created a similar driver for another custom piece of hardware. It seems happy in Windows XP, but in Windows 10 it shows the dreaded yellow exclamation mark.They seem to have done all the same steps that I did, and since I wouldn't claim to be an expert on how to use the VISA Driver Wizard (I was really glad that I got it to work last time!), we are all at a bit of a roadblock as to how to proceed. Hence we're looking for someone with some experience with this tool who might be willing to consult for a few hours to help resolve the issue. Please respond here or PM me if you are interested.



David Thomson Original Code Consulting
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