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Using Perforce with LabVIEW

A basic overview of how to get up and running with Perforce.

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I don't see any mechanism for LabView to utilize Perforce Jobs.

The check-in dialog will not allow us to attach a job to the submit.

This is not good, since our Perforce server has a Trigger which

prevents submitting files without an attached job.

It looks like Perforce integration is merely SCCI and not taking

any advantage of the features specific to Perforce.

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That's one feature in Perforce I never did get to. I ended up going with subversion for a variety of reasons, and now my commits can be attached to a particular issue in my issue tracker. I can also do commits without an associated issue if I choose. There are some hook scrips in subversion that allowed me to configure this. It works pretty well and it's free, but it does not integrate directly into LabVIEW like Perforce does. For me, it was worth the leap, and saved me a lot of expense on Perforce licensing.

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Since I used Visual Source Safe before LabVIEW had integrated SCC support, really I still use it that way. I've used it in LabVIEW and it is nice, but it also gives me extra help from time to time that I don't really need. Just as a data point here, I'm a programmer who doesn't integrate my SCC directly into LabVIEW.

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Hello, was wondering if you have an updated labview/perforce set of instructions. 

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Yes, would be great to have an update on this

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Totally agree. NI engineers should have produced update since it is crucial for professional development. Anyone can offer some assistance would be appreciated.

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