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Sill Seeking May Presenters

Hey all,


Matt is still desperately searching for presenters for the upcoming May meeting! Yes in a mere 2.5 weeks we'll be gathering again. Without speakers Matt will be forced to read the tax code for an hour minimum. A few things to help you choose your award winning topic (remember these don't have to be 30 minute masterpieces!)


  • What's a project you've been working on at work?
  • Have you found a new favorite design pattern?
  • Any ways to speed up existing calculations?
  • Have you been playing with new sensors or other hardware?
  • Have you come up with a nice user interface for an application?
  • Have you tried test driven development?
  • What did you beat your head against a wall on for hours this month - then figure out a solution?

Let us know what you'd like to present on and we'll see you in a few weeks!

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Arm twisting will begin tomorrow...

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I'm up for a presentation!

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Excellent - can you send me a message and tell me what you are going to talk about?

For those listening, we probably need one more presenter.  

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Hello all,

We currently have three speakers:

  • Dave Thomson
  • Ian Bloomfield
  • Marvin Perry

Dave is planning on giving a short talk, so it would be nice to have at least one more presenter.  Please let me know if you have  something you can/want to talk about.  I am looking for now.

Cheers, Matt

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Hey folks - we are 8 days from the next meeting, but there's still time to volunteer to give a short presentation! We're still looking for one more presenter. Remember that quick tips, demos of techniques/methods you've recently learned about, and applications of LabView/NI Hardware are all fair game! Please let us know what you'd like to present on as soon as possible. See you next week.

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