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Agenda for November 21 Meeting

Here are the presentations for the November 21 meeting at CSM in Golden.


1.  Test Driven Development - A Real World Example.  By Sam Taggert


This is the story of my journey trying to implement TDD. I had played around with Unit Testing and CI before, but this is my first time trying to put it all together. I picked a small side project and thought I would try to implement TDD. This presentations documents the results.


2. Star Test Executive (or How I Wrote TestStand LITE in LabVIEW!).  By William Brown


This documents my adventure writing a general purpose test station written in LabVIEW and powered by the Python script language.  Learn how to build an advanced messaging system using LabVIEW queues and notifiers.

See you at the meeting!  WB


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Here are the recordings. You can't really see the slides in the video. Mine are attached.


Sam Taggart
CLA, CPI, CTD, LabVIEW Champion
DQMH Trusted Advisor
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