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"Invalid Channel Name Used In The Command" but the Name Is Not Even In The Command



Error in <DataFilter_1.VBS>(Line164, Column 1):

Invalid channel name "[43]/Torque_Ratio" used in the 

"ChnNovHandle("[43]/Speed_Ratio", , "SetValue", "X", "FALSE", "TRUE", 0)" command.


The command mentioned (Line 134) doesnt even include the [43]/Torque_Ratio and is given below:


Call ChnNovHandle(Data.Root.ChannelGroups(43).Channels("Speed_Ratio"), , "SetValue", "X", False, True, 0)


The faulty line doesnt even have the so called incorrect channel name in it. All the channels have been created before. What could be the problem?



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Something is incorrect with your channel reference.  It would be helpful to see an image of the Data Portal.


Try adding the following command prior to the Call ChnNovHandle() command:


Call LogFileWrite(Data.GetChannel("[43]/Speed_Ratio").GetReference(eReferenceNameIndex))


Also try replacing the index number for the channel group with the name of the channel group.  Ex.


Call LogFileWrite(Data.GetChannel("ChnGrpName/Noise_2").GetReference(eReferenceNameIndex))

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