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Using Enter key in SUD entry box

      I have an Entry box and an OK button in a DIAdem 11.1 SUD. I would like to terminate the entry in the entry box with the ENTER key, and this should trigger the Ok Button Click event. I tried looking for vbCrLf in the text entered in the EventChange code, but it does not seem to sense the ENTER key press and hence does not even enter the event handler subroutine. How do I make it sense the Enter key press in the Entry box? Please help.
Thanks in advance
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I usually use the "EventLostFocus" callback, which works well with the "Tab" key.  I poked around in the EditBox properties, though, and discovered that you can monitor the "CurrentLine" property in the "EventChange" callback:

Sub EditBox1_EventLostFocus(ByRef This) 'Created Event Handler
End Sub

Sub EditBox1_EventChange(ByRef This) 'Created Event Handler
 IF EditBox1.CurrentLine > 1 THEN Dialog.OK
End Sub


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer
National Instruments

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Thank you, Brad for your quick response. I was able to get the Enter key to work as required, in the Edit box. But the only trade off to make it function, was that the height of the text box had to be increased to enable the cursor to move to the next line on hitting Enter key!! Otherwise, the Enter key press was not being recognized!!

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You can also use the IsKeyPressed function. I think it is new in DIAdem 2010.


Sub EditBox1_EventChange(ByRef This)
 If IsKeyPressed(&H0D) THEN Dialog.OK
End Sub


You will have the same problem if you have only one line, but you can change the property "VerticalScroll"  to 2 (Yes No Scrollbars)

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