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.TDMS to .CSV big files

Hi, I am very new to this diadem software.(2014ver)

I was tasked to convert .tdms data(173kb each and 1 thousand of these) into a .csv file.

I saved the file as .csv in Daidem Navigator but when I open it in Excel, it gives a message saying "Data is too large, if you save this workbook, you will loose data that is not loaded"

The rows in the Diadem View (3,686,400 rows)is much more than in the .csv file(1,048,576), proving there is already data lost?


Things I tried:

1. TDM "Excel Add In" Excel - but this only gives me a few rows of summary 

2 . Using Excel to import to Pivot Report - but this sorts the data on its own and messes up which data was first entered

3. Conversion tool TdmstoCsv memory overload and will just hang.


HOpe you can help, im not really a software guy 🙂 

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Hi wixdines,


The maximal column length in DIAdem is 2^31 and in Excel (as I know) 2^20. With a column length of 3686400 you exceed the maximum length of Excel.




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Im talking about the number of rows.







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Yes, and I am talking about the length of a column which is the same as number of rows per column.




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Thanks Walter, but is there any other way I can convert to .csv ?

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I would say the data export works fine, only Excel is not able to import all data.

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Like Walter said, you cannot read that much data into Excel.  Excel is not a Big Data tool. 


What do you need to do with the data in Excel?  


Why not analyze the data in DIAdem?  


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The conversion into CSV is okay, but opening this CSV with Excel "cuts" the data.

We often transfer the test data as CSV to the customers; sometimes open these files just to check if everything is there.

Notepad or other text editors work better for this (just check of the content).


For long records Excel is not the appropriate tool for analysis or visualization.


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