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Group name TDMS file


I'm just confused about the naming of the group names of my TDMS files. They were generated and were additionally named after the date and time. In the attachment you can see what I mean. In the example, the group name is "AP Brake Application -42" while the file name is "AP Brake Application_0000_2022-01-13_10-13-11.tdms". I suspect that the group name somehow based on 2 properties (see attachment), but for the uniqueness of the group name the number differs a bit. 

I know that the group names can be changed in script, but I have so many files that changing them in script is very time consuming. So, my questions are:
- According to which properties are the group names determined exactly? what kind of algorithm does the group name naming have?
- Is it possible to configure all group names of TDMS files before loading to data portal? Can we configure the group names to be based on certain properties? e.g. the group names are named exactly like TDMS filename



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Hi Alfredowh,


There are two ways to define the names of the root, channel groups and channels:


  1. a) When creating the data
  2. b) Through the DataPlugin


When creating the data

In the case of TDM or TDMS files, the structure of the format (the TDM data model) is fixed and must be followed when creating the file. This means that the naming of the three layers is already defined here.


Through the DataPlugin

If files are available in a format other than TDM or TDMS, they must be transferred to the TDM data model via a DataPlugin in order to be imported into DIAdem. If these data follow a standardized format (e.g. MDF), the information for the three levels is taken over accordingly by the DataPlugin. In the other case (e.g. ASCII or Excel files) the DataPlugin determines the names.

In the case of TDM or TDMS files, the names are already defined and are taken over as they were saved when they were created.


The naming can then still be influenced by the loading event (Navigator.Events.OnInteractionLoaded) or the rule of unique names of channel groups or channels. Further information on this can be found in the DIAdem help.




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