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Flags:Copy Data Points - NOVALUE

In View, I'm setting flags along a curve, for this case lets say 3 flags. I then use the Flags: Copy Data Points feature. That outputs a total of 5 data points, however points 2 and 4 show as NOVALUE. What is going on here?


My intention is to use this feature to tag locations on a curve to extract the x axis value (time).


One more thing, what is the difference in using the "Set Flags" and "Set Data Point and Flag"?

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Hey Brian,

I think the NOVALUE you see are just here to remind you if the selected points where adjacent or not in the original channel. I don't see any explanation in the Help though... But as the NOVALUE do not interact with vizualization or calculations that should be fine right ?

As for the Flags question :
1) "Set Flags" just selects an existing point on your curve.
2) "Set Data Point and Flag" adds a new point on your curve (e.g for future interpolation) and selects it with a flag.

At least that's my understanding.
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NOVALUE messed with the final output that I was going for.


I was able to incorporate ChnNovHandle to get rid of the NOVALUE data points.

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Actually, the 'Set Data Point and Flag' function assigns a Y value to a channel point that had recently been assigned NoValue.  Full details at:





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