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Fill 2D-report table dynamically

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is there are way to create a 2D-Table in Report-View dynamically with the "Data.GetChannels"-Method?


I've got this starting position:

- in the Dataportal are up to 5 Groups (maybe less...)

- in each group is a channel "speed" and "time", which only has one value


No I want a 2D-Table in Report wich will look like this


Speed 25 30 Value of Channel in Group3
more Channels 1 2 Value of Channel in Group3


I can do this by using textlists for each col, but the handling is very bad if a channelname changes.


Another workaround would be merging the groups temporarily to one group, but i hope there is a way to use Data.GetChannels("Group*/Speed")-Command.



Martin Kozlowski

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Hi Martin,


In general I would discourage you from using channels with only 1 value.  In almost all cases it is preferable to store that information as a channel or group property.


Still you can get something like what you're asking for from your existing 1 value channels if you create table columns that are of type "Expression", configure the table to be in a Display Alignment of "Horizontal", set the scaling number of rows to the correct number of groups, and use expressions like these:



@@str(Data.Root.ChannelGroups(D2TabRow).Channels("Noise").Values(1), "d.dd")@@


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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Hi Brad,


thank you very much. I almost forgot about the D2TabRow-Variable.




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