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Export enlarged report fill the whole slide in PowerPoint

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I am trying to export my report in DIAdem to Powerpoint and I would like to have the report exported fill the whole slide and not included the PPT template. I understand there is a PPT template in the DIAdem Resource folder and I could either change that or use customer PPT template in the Settings dialog. Currently, I m doing it manually where I change the template and try to fit the size of the Shape to the whole slide size but each time when I export the report, the image doesnt really fit the whole slide. I have attached an image and PPT as reference. 

Is there a way to do this in DIAdem?test.PNG


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Accepted by topic author gustav9711

Hi gustav9711,


In the template, the PPT slide master must be adjusted. However, it makes sense to keep the ratio (height/width ratio) so that the graphics do not distort. see attachment.




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Hi Walter,
Thank you so much for the PPT attachment.

It works on my end. 
Really appreciate the help.

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