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Explicit Channel Changing to Implicit When Reloading File



I've started noticing that channels that were explicit at the time of creation and when originally saving the file are changing to implicit when opening the file on following occasions.


According to the help files, implicit channels occur when using the numeric channel generation function, which I have not used in this case. The channel in question (called X Data) was created in a script using the Add method for Channels and the contents written as results from the ChnApprXYCalc function. The file is saved as part of the script and at the time of saving it is explicit, see following two images:




If I empty the portal and reload the same file, the channel in question is now implicit, see following two images:




Firstly, why is this behaviour occurring? And secondly, how do I prevent it?


I realise I can insert code to expand the channels prior to using them, but that's not the point - I would prefer to prevent unpredictable behaviour occurring in the first place. I also have no need for implicit channels and would like to be able to switch that feature off altogether.






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