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DIAdem script error with "ChnFFT1" function

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Hi all,


I'm trying to write a DIAdem script to automate FFTs on several signals.

So, with the script recording mode enabled, I manually perform a simple FFT from the analysis tab. This works well and generate a new signal with the FFT result. Then I disable the recording mode.

But, when I try to run the generated script, it shows an error that I don't understand (you can see a screenshot in attached files)


Does someone has an idea of what I'm facing ?


By advance, thank you for your attention and your help

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Accepted by topic author Ariel_aka_Atryou

Hi Ariel_aka_Atryou,


you don't calculate anything. At least one of these parameters need to be set to TRUE:


FFTCalc = false
FFTAmpl = false
FFTPhase = false
FFTCepstrum = false




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Thank you for your answer, it solved my problem.

We can still notice that there is a strange behavior between the Analysis tab and the recording mode of the script tab : 

We can see that parameters we are talking about are not configured the same way, depending on the tab they appears. You can see screenshots in attached file, one is the analysis tab parameters, and the other is the script automatically generated from this analysis tab action. The "FFTAmpl" parameter is clearly not the same ! Maybe it's a problem with my DIAdem configuration..?


Once again, thank you for your help

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Hi Ariel_aka_Atryou,


Which DIAdem version do you use? I have tested all Versions from 2019 SP1 on up to DIAdem 2022. All recordings of the FFT function are OK.




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Hi Walter_Rick


I use DIAdem 2018, you can see more information in the attached file


Maybe I should change my version... I will talk my company bout that


Thank you again for your help

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Hi Ariel_aka_Atryou,


Yes, with DIAdem 2018 I can reproduce this problem. I think an upgrade is a good idea.




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