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DIADEM 2019 number of maximum global variables assign in User Dialog Box issue

Does anyone know how to handle the issue that I have encountered with the assignment of global variables in one User Dialog Box with 3 Tab Page Controls (more than 1000 global variables) ? After reaching around 233 global variables assigned to different edit boxes / checkbox they are starting overwrite (automatic replace by another one pre-assigned to a different edit box/checkbox).


Is there a limit for 2019 version of possible global variables assigned to an User Dialog Box? It depend on the number of Tab Page Controls?


Thank you!

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Hello AutolivRBT_1,


When binding variables via the variables dialog in the SUD editor, the number of variables is limited to 254.


The better method is to set the variables via events of the control. EventInitialize or EventRefresh is used to read the variables and EventLostFocus or EventChange is used to set the variables. The appropriate event depends on the control type.


I have attached a small example, which uses the boolean global variable PtlShow (to show or hide the data portal) and a text variable which is defined within the SUD dialog. However, this could also be a global DIAdem variable. In addition, the example shows how dependent controls can be updated in the dialog when variable contents change.


Viele Grüße


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