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Creating DIAdem DataPlugIn to import CSV files with more than 200 columns

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Is there a way to create a DataPlugIn to import CSV files with more than 200 columns? It seems that the Wizard for loading txt based data files is limited to only 200 columns.


The issue that I am having is that the very last column in my data file has a time channel and I cannot specify in the wizard to import it as a time channel. My data file contains more than 200 columns and within DIAdem, the wizard only displays up to 200 columns. So I cannot cannot specify to import the channel as a time channel as opposed to a numeric channel. Any suggestions? I am using DIAdem 2017 SP1.







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Hi MotoDude831,


Yes, there is a limit in the numbers of columns in the DataPlugin wizard. The only way in such cases is to develop the DataPlugin by your own. For most of the ACSII files it is easy, but in the end, it depends on the complexity of the data. In the DIAdem help you find a good description and examples for creating a DataPlugin.

If you send me a few example data files I can help with that.




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Hello Walter,


I have attached a sample data file. I trimmed the rows down significantly but this file contains all of the columns.


The format of my data files will be the same. All of the columns will have a header in the first row, unit in the 2nd row, and numeric data in the remainder of the rows. The only exception will be the very last column in which contains date/time info in the following format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.FFFF


If you can help draw something up to import this format I would greatly appreciate it. And not sure if this is possible, but often times the column count may vary, could have less columns or more, but the very last column will always have this date/time format.


Thanks for your help!

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Accepted by topic author MotoDude831

Hello MotoDude831,


I have attached a DataPlugin for this type of CSV files and the VBS code for it.

You can install the DataPlugin by double-click the URI-file.




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This worked flawlessly. Thanks for your time and helping out with this.


Best regards,


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Do you know where I could find a plugin that would import xls files where the data points are in columns vs rows?

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Hi Bob_engine,


The DataPlugin wizard supports only column wise stored data. So you need to create is by your own. Here is an example which fits with you example file.

You can install the DataPlugin by double-click the URI-file.




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Hello Walter,


I'm back with another related question. How do you save/create the .uri files from a vb script. I've had no luck searching for this in the help resources in DIAdem.

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Hello MotoDude831,


Creating a URI file is the last step after developing and testing a DataPlugin. The URI file is created interactively.



If you would like to register a DataPlugin, you can use this command:


call Navigator.Settings.RegisterDataPlugin(...)




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Walter_Rick is there a way to import CSV files that have a header with say 750 rows and have the data and channel columns starting after that?  The DataPlugIn Wizard doesn't allow me to "Ignore" these header rows past 200 and therefore I can't import these files.  There are a lot of these files and this is how the data acquisition tool spits it out so it would be easier to get Diadem to handle ignoring the header rows than it would be to manually delete the 750 rows of header on all files.  Example file attached.  Is there a way to make a special Plug-In that I can import to handle this type of CSV file?

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