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Connectivity between DIAdem and Labview

Labview Professional 2023 and DIAdem Professional 2022 installed


I installed both and tried running the DataFinder examples, but the DataFinder reference control isn't populating. I used this in the past and it worked quite well. The forums indicate an integration with System Link. Not sure what I need to setup or configure to get this working? If I can get the examples working, that would be a great first step.

Use case: We have a RAID with the data and would like to use DIAdem to find relevent data. Labview will pull the relevent data and repackage it. Everything is on a small closed network.


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Hi Jake, 

I supposed you by Forum you mean the comment from my colleague in this thread: DataFinder with LabVIEW 2019


Moreover, since LabVIEW 2019 DataFinder VIs will only reach DataFinder Instances that are created by SystemLink TDM


Therefore, you would need to work with SystemLink TDM to connect to DataFinder Instances if using LabVIEW 2019 onwards. This is a separated product where you can connect several computers to a DataFinder Server with only one license. 


Another option (without using the DataFinder Examples) is controlling DIAdem from LabVIEW using the DIAdem VIs as mentioned in this article (Run a DIAdem Script from LabVIEW)


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Thanks for the response.  SystemLink TDM is overkill for my use case. I'll look at the scripts.  

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