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ChnEnvelopes gives error "Target Channel is too short for results"

I have 3 channels (1-3) of data loaded, 1 is time, the other 2 are data channels. I am trying to run ChnEnvelopes from within VBS with this command.
call ChnEnvelopes(1,2,4,5,6,7,5)
The size of the original data is 34127.
If I use the dialog it works fine.
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Dear customer,

please send me a test file so that I'm able to reproduce the problem you described. Below you find me email address. Which DIAdem version are you using?


Walter Rick

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When you perform calculations in DIAdem, the results will be stored in a channel in the data matrix. When you load a data file, it will occupy a channel for each data channel in the file. If the data channels in the file are longer than the maximum channel length selected in the DIAdem settings, DIAdem will use 'dynamic' channels versus the channels you have configured in the settings menu.

There are two things you can do:

1. Go to the 'Window' menu in DIAdem and select 'Close all'.
2. Then select the 'Settings' menu and choose 'Data management'.
3. Click the 'Data Matrix' button and set the maximum channel length to something larger then your channel length (i.e. >= 34,127). The default value here is 8,192.

Another way to do this is to use dyn
amic channels for the calculation, i.e. use this command:

call ChnEnvelopes(1,2,,,,,5)

Altough the result channels are shorter than 34,127, the software will use these channels for some temporary data storage.

This should hopefully work for you. Let me know if you have any additional problems or questions.

Otmar D. Foehner
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Firstly, I hope this post gets read as I can't find the Post New Message link anymore! The instructions for posting force me to search with a question and if there is no suitable existing message then I should see a Post New Message link - but there isn't one!


I've just switch from 9.1 to 2010 and I was told that our VBS scripts wouldn't need updating - not so it seems.


I have the following piece of code:


Call ChnAlloc("Input PSD") 



Call FormulaCalc("Ch('Input PSD'):=Ch(L1)^2+Ch(L2)^2")


but this doesn't work anymore. I get an error message saying that channel 7 (Input PSD) is too short for calculation. Previously I would have checked the data matrix but I can't find this anymore so I assume DIAdem works in a different way know. The help files suggest that the channel length option for ChnAlloc is optional so I don't understand why it thinks the channel is too short.


Any help appreciated.


Thanks, Si.


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Hi All,


I answered an identical question at the following post:




Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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