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ANP Search Query in multiple Subfolder of main Folder



I want my ANP to search for files inside of subfolders of my first line of Search query (main folder),  those subfolders might increase in number with time so i can not just search for them by hand in my query,

Current Data source : \\IP\one_lab_raw_data\FR_GSC_MasterTech

Main folder to look in for subfolder with files inside : \\IP\one_lab_raw_data\FR_GSC_MasterTech\VIBRATORY ANALYSISData 



with a number of subfolders inside the previous one, all containning files that need to be processed

if you have please any idea on how to solve that issue, it would help me a lot,
I was trying with some kind of incomplet query, like :  \\IP\one_lab_raw_data\FR_GSC_MasterTech\VIBRATORY ANALYSISData\*\*.mat




Clément Depres

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you need to split it your query into two conditions


  • path: \\IP\one_lab_raw_data\FR_GSC_MasterTech\VIBRATORY ANALYSISData\*
  • name: *.mat

doing so should work.

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