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Unit 0 - Introduction to LabVIEW with MyDAQ: Lesson 4


In this video we learn about state machines and how to quickly filter our audio signals

Note that it is highly recommended that you try the exercise problem on your own before watching the solution video. For more information on the key concepts learned in this video look at the links under Additional Resources.

Exercise Problem

Procedure: Create the required VI(s) to achieve the following tasks


  1. Create a VI which reads a signal from the audio in port on the MyDAQ
  2. When the user connects one of the digital inputs to ground a different filter should be applied to the signal.
  3. The filter should be applied as such; none goes to low pass, low pass goes to high pass, high pass goes to band pass, and band pass goes to none.
  4. Output this filter signal to the MyDAQ audio out port.
  5. Stop the VI when a user pushes a button

Exercise Solution Video

Exercise Snippet


Exercise Problem Extension

Procedure: Create the required VI(s) to achieve the followoing tasks.


  1. Modify the program from the above so that the state only changes when the digital output is connected to ground and then released

Extension Solution Video

Extension Snippet

U0.L4 B.png

Additional Resources

Case Structures: Unit 3 - Case Structures: Lesson 2

State Machine: Unit 5 - Analysis: Lesson 1

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