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Electrical Circuits with NI myDAQ


NI myDAQ offers an affordable and accessible way for students to make electrical measurements, control electronics systems, and experience the world through instrumentation. With NI myDAQ sophomore-level engineering students enrolled in a first-semester circuits course experience a completely new way to interact with electrical hardware unfettered by restrictions on location, equipment availability, and scheduling.

Electrical Circuits with NI myDAQ offers a set of learning modules that emphasize short, focused, and motivational experiments based on NI myDAQ and NI ELVISmx computer-based instruments. These video-based learning modules motivate students to experience a circuits concept through measurement, learn underlying principles, and then connect their measurement results to the concept. The learning module formats include mini-labs, homework problems, and tutorials to build student confidence with the NI myDAQ product and associated experiments.


Homework Problems

Tutorials: NI myDAQ

Tutorials: NI ELVISmx Instruments on NI myDAQ

Tutorials: Measurement Techniques

LabVIEW Utilities for NI myDAQ

set ai voltage icon.pngSet "Analog Output" (AO) voltages -- Interactively set the pair of NI myDAQ analog outputs (AO0, AO1) to desired DC values.
show ai voltage icon.pngShow "Analog Input" (AI) voltages -- Display the pair of NI myDAQ analog inputs (AI0, AI1) in real time.
v-i_tracer_icon.pngV-I Curve Tracer -- Interactively explore and plot the voltage-current (V-I) characteristic of a two-terminal device.

NI myDAQ Resources