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VeriStand 2011 Real-Time Sequence Checker

Overview: This tool can be used to check VeriStand Real-Time Sequences to see if they are affected by the issues fixed in the VeriStand 2011 f1 and VeriStand 2011 SP1 f1 Patches.  For more information on the patches refer to:AE KB 63CAM8GW: NI VeriStand 2011 SP1 f1 Patch Details

To use the tool unzip the attached file run NI VeriStand 2011 SP1 f1 Patch Compiler Check Tool.exe

The EXE has the following front panel:


Select a Directory containing the real-time sequences you wish to test and select Check Real-Time Sequences

If any sequences are flagged as being affected by the issues addressed in the Patch contact National Instruments Support to understand the impact of the issue on your sequences results.

Kevin Fort
Principal Software Engineer