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Brushless DC Motor Control and Simulation Content

This document serves as a repository for content surrounding brushless DC motor control and Simulation.  The following links will point to a list of various sources for code, documentation and examples.

Six-Phase Controller:

The following link provides example code and hardware suggestions for implementing a 6-phase control algorithm on a brushless DC motor using hall effect sensor feedback.

Sinusoidal (V/f) Controller:

The Volts per Hertz or Sinusoidal control algorithm applied to a brushless DC motor provides smooth actuation of the device.  The following code demonstrates how to implement such a controller using a lookup table.

Field Oriented Controller:

This link contains information about hardware and software implementation of a field-oriented controller (FOC) applied to a permanent magnet synchronous machine.

Triangle-wave Generated PWM:

This link demonstrates how to use a triangle wave to generate a PWM signal.  This method is frequently used in motor control.

Center-Aligned PWM Generator:

Frequently in half-bridge control, the PWM signal needs to be center-aligned.  This example shows a quick way of doing this.

FPGA-Based Simulation Implementation:

This document dives into the high speed simulation of a brushless DC motor using fixed-point math in LabVIEW FPGA.  The description is targeted primarily at hardware in the loop applications.


Problem on Six phase controller

how to run the six phase controller vi it is showing 4 error at hall sensors, bus level fets and fets.

so can anyone help me to run this vi