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Posting student ID. Encourage this practice!

I have noticed some people posting their student ID in posts.  I dont think we should discourage this practice, I like the dead giveaway that the poster is a student. Lecturers can (and probably do) search forums by student ID and find out what the class is up to and in some cases find out where their work came from 😉

I sometimes notice many new users asking surprisingly similar questions over a couple of days, this is a possible homework giveaway but a student id is easier!  I like many others will help students but none of us are paid for doing assignments right?

So lets see more student id's in the forums.

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I'm just curious why they feel the need to post it.  Is it some sort of mandate by their instructor?  There is a sudden flood of these messages with an "ID" attached.  (actually looks phony to me because there are several identical numbers by different usernames.)  No one in the past had ever posted a student id.


And usually the student homework questions are pretty easy to spot based on the way the questions are asked, or the fact that there are multiple similar questions by different user names.


I don't have an issue with helping students.  What I do have an issue with is when they ask very basic LabVIEW questions that shouldn't be asked if they took an hour or two to take a tutorial or google their question.  It feels like their instructors who are teaching them a course in LabVIEW, or at least a course where learning to use LabVIEW is critical to their course work, aren't even bothering to teach them anything about LabVIEW.  They aren't bothering to provide their students with any tutorials or links to the online tutorials.  They are just providing them with "http:/" and telling them to go there to ask if they have any questions.


It is good to help students learn and encourage them to learn.  But ridiculous to expect us to be teaching them basic LabVIEW in the mid-late spring, then again mid-late fall every year because their instructors are too lazy to do the job they are getting paid to do.

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Actually, with this latest burst of students I would like to speak privately to the instructor.  Ctrl+H would solve the majority of the questions if the help file is provided in a language understood by any member of the class.


What really concerns me with this latest round of neophytes is that those numbers might not be student ids but phone numbers of a new office for a LabVIEW development firm in some country ending with "Stan" or a near neighbor.  Several potential options exist that meet the phone number theory for the IDs and I would expect a student ID to have some relationship with year of entry-  They can't all be doing a junior year project without learning how to read-  Although, my opinion of current academic standards may be less than well informed.  They do still try to teach students how to gain knowledge right?

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Is it possible that students believe that is actually ran by the college or university?  And that they should provide their student ID?  I couldn't think of anyother reason someone would do this.  As for the people that make their user name their email address or put their phone number in their signature, I have no idea.

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@Hooovahh wrote:

 As for the people that make their user name their email address or put their phone number in their signature, I have no idea.

To be fair, you have to click twice to find my phone number from my signature.  Once on the graphics and then on the "Location" Tab.  Does that qualify as hiding the information?


It doesn't really matter anyway since, its available from the list of certified professionals too.

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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