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BLT for LabVIEW (Build, License, Track)

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4. I want to give my LabVIEW program to a customer. How to generate an Installer with BLT?

When you generate a product installer with BLT, it allows you to make sure that your LabVIEW program is protected with licensing, and includes all the BLT features such as automatic updates, error tracking, etc...

Generating a product installer is part of the "Build and Distribute" process of BLT for LabVIEW.

  • Select in the list the product for which you want to generate an Installer. (You can also select multiple products).
    then click on "Build and Distribute"

  • Select the "Advanced" tab and check the "Create an Installer" box. You also might have to check the "Build EXE " and "Package" EXE" boxes if you want BLT to automatically build your executable and package everything together.

  • Click on "Installer settings" to customize your installer.
    You can specify some parameters such as including a custom License Agreement, including LabVIEW Run-Time Engines, adding programs or other third-party installers to launch after your LabVIEW product have been installed.

  • When you are ready, click OK and then, click on "Build and Distribute" to generate your Installer. Afther this, you can send this single file product installer to your customers so they can install your LabVIEW program on their machine.

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