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ni-can w/ labview 64-bit



Can I use ni-can with labview 2012 64-bit?


I've installed ni-can 2.7.4f0, but during the installation I saw support options for 32-bit labview versions, but none for 64-bit versions. After the install when loading a .vi it can load I've looked on a 32-bit installation and that file is in the labview install directory. I tried copying the files manually, but that just leads to other dll dependencies.




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Hi Paul,

Almost definitely not.  I think the main landing page for NI-CAN 2.7.4 is pretty clear that you will need to use 32 bit LabVIEW.


Check it out for yourself: NI-CAN 2.7.4 Driver Page.  Look under the "Supported Development Environments".  Also, is there a problem using 32 bit LabVIEW?

NukeB | CLD
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