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Transmit frame from one vi to another using virtual ports

How do I read and write CAN Frames over virtual port? Is it even possible using Frame API ? 


My objective is to send frame from one vi using virtual port, and recieve at another vi using channel format (data scaled to physical units). I have done this with channel API, it worked out pretty well, i tried using transmit frame examples, but they don't help, and for most of the time i get an error, NI-CAN:  (Hex 0xBFF62007) You attempted to set a configuration attribute while the object is running.  Solutions: Configure attributes prior to opening the object; Stop and restart communication as needed so that you can update configuration attributes.


and this article here didn't help:


Can anyone help please.




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Hi Sonofsam,


I recommend that you use the CAN Transmit-event based and CAN Receive example VIs.  You can find them in the example finder if you go to Hardware Input and Output > Can >NI-CAN > Frame API > Basic.  In CAN Transmit-event, select CAN 256 for interface.  In CAN, select CAN 257 for interface.  This will show how you can read and write CAN Frames over virtual port.


I hope this helps!


Dayna P.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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