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PCI-CAN/XS2 Single wire configuration (cont)

I set CAN1 as a bus monitor looking for data from the Module,
I connected CAN0 to 9pinSubD pins 3,7,9
I connected Can1 to the same
I have +12V to pins 3-, 9+, to power the modul and SW CAN
I am seeing no activity
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++start code
Work in-progress. Attempting to see data on Can1/Bus Monitor.
#include <cvirte.h>
#include <stdio.h>      // Include file for printf
#include <stdlib.h>     // Include file for strtol
#include <windows.h>    // Include file for Win32 time functions
#include <userint.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <utility.h>
#include "Gm-Can-Test.h"
#include "nican.h"      // Include file for NI-CAN functions and constants      
/* NI-CAN Status    */
/* NI-CAN handles */
NCTYPE_OBJH NetIntfObjhRx=0;
NCTYPE_OBJH NetIntfObjhTx=0;
int main (int argc, char *argv[])
 int RunStatus = 0;
 RunStatus = CanTest();
 return RunStatus;
int CanTest (void)
 char Interface1[6];
 char TxString[80];
 NCTYPE_UINT32   TransceiverMode;
 NCTYPE_UINT32   TransceiverType;
 int RunStatus = 0;
 NCTYPE_CAN_DATA   Transmit;
  // Handle for Network Interface Object (receiver)
 NCTYPE_OBJH  RxHandle = 0;
 // Handle for the CAN object (transmitter)
 NCTYPE_OBJH  TxHandle = 0;
 NCTYPE_UINT32 AttrValueList[8];
 NCTYPE_UINT32 Baudrate;
  /* Configure the 1. CAN Network Interface Object */
  TransceiverMode = NC_TRANSCEIVER_TYPE_SW ;
 status = ncSetAttribute (NetIntfObjhTx, NC_ATTR_TRANSCEIVER_TYPE,
  sizeof(TransceiverMode), &TransceiverMode);
   AttrIdList[0] =         NC_ATTR_BAUD_RATE;  
   AttrValueList[0] =      33333;
   AttrIdList[1] =         NC_ATTR_START_ON_OPEN;
   AttrValueList[1] =      NC_TRUE;
   AttrIdList[2] =         NC_ATTR_READ_Q_LEN;
   AttrValueList[2] =      10;
   AttrIdList[3] =         NC_ATTR_WRITE_Q_LEN;
   AttrValueList[3] =      0;
   AttrIdList[4] =         NC_ATTR_CAN_COMP_STD;
   AttrValueList[4] =      0;
   AttrIdList[5] =         NC_ATTR_CAN_MASK_STD;
   AttrValueList[5] =      NC_CAN_MASK_STD_DONTCARE;
   AttrIdList[6] =         NC_ATTR_CAN_COMP_XTD;
   AttrValueList[6] =      0;
   AttrIdList[7] =         NC_ATTR_CAN_MASK_XTD;
   AttrValueList[7] =      NC_CAN_MASK_XTD_DONTCARE;
   status = ncConfig(Interface1, 8, AttrIdList, AttrValueList);
  status = ncSetAttribute(NetIntfObjhTx, NC_ATTR_TRANSCEIVER_MODE,
   sizeof(TransceiverMode), &TransceiverMode);
 status = ncConfig(Interface1, 8, AttrIdList, AttrValueList);
 // Open Transmitting Objects
 status = ncOpenObject("CAN0::XTD0x100", &TxHandle);
 Transmit.Data[0] = 0x00;
 Transmit.Data[1] = 0x00;
 Transmit.Data[2] = 0x00;
 Transmit.Data[3] = 0x00;
 Transmit.Data[4] = 0x00;
 Transmit.Data[5] = 0x00;
 Transmit.Data[6] = 0x00;
 Transmit.Data[7] = 0x00;
 status = ncWrite (NetIntfObjhTx, sizeof(TxString), TxString);
  status = ncSetAttribute(NetIntfObjhTx, NC_ATTR_TRANSCEIVER_MODE,
   sizeof(TransceiverMode), &TransceiverMode);
    return RunStatus;
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++end code
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allready answered in this thread:



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The function is working but I have one more question


Transceiver Mode: SLEEP

Transceiver Mode: SLEEP

Transceiver Mode: SLEEP

02/02/2007 12:56:13.193  ArbId 100  00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

02/02/2007 12:56:13.600  ArbId 101  fd 02 10 04 aa aa aa aa

02/02/2007 12:56:14.222  ArbId 25d  02 1a c2 00 00 00 00 00


I am looking for a response  65d xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx

Will the Rx set to CAN0 pick this up or do I need to somehow configure the Rx to look for 0x65d ?



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I am still trying to trap a response from the module.

I hooked up an o-scope to monitor traffic.

My Wakeup should be at a higher amplitude to wakeup the bus.

The signal is at the same amplitude as all other communication.

What did I miss on the setup?

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With my other CAN communication tools the Wakeup is above 11V with normal communication at 5V nominal
With the NI card all transmitions (including the WakeUp) is below 4.5V.
I am using the same module and the same power source and the same cableing etc...
The main difference is the tool and the software.
I need to get a handle on the wakeup settings.
I have tried many things, but no luck yet.
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Hey Rich,

You would need to configure you Can device to what information you are looking at. I'm not sure if you had a chance to look at this start-up tutorial, but it explains the process of getting up and started with NI-Can.

Good luck!

Nick D.

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can you please check if this vi's works for you

Download All
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Hello Rgomez.


The last post was 2007...

I have had this working for many years...

But thank You for responding.

I do appriciate feedback.


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Can you share your code? I would like to use XNET and replace the CAN vi's

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I am sorry, the library is licensed to Aeroflex. You can look them up on the web. But it is developed for the test systems and uses a unique language called Marconi Test Language.

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