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CAN Single Wire using NI PXI-8513/2

I used the C Code from the attached file to create the 2 VI's to Write and Read over CAN Single Wire using the PXI-8513. so far I don have communication. is there any other VI sample to send/receive frames using the Single Wire CAN ?

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Hi rgomez7408


Have you tried the Examples in the NI Example Finder (Help>>Find Examples) in LabVIEW or CVI??? You can find several examples for Frame or Channel single wire communication.

First check the HW, Do you detect it in MAX?? Do you have same Baudrate parameters?? Are you sending/recieving the correct port?? Have you tried a loopback test? you can achieve this with the LabVIEW or CVI Examples to send test frames and check them with the Bus Monitor from MAX. 

Do you have a Terminal on the CAN cable?? CAN cables need  a 120ohm resistor on each node. NI cables that have terminals have a lable that says "terminal cable".

Any other Questions please let me know

Juan Arguello
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I have not found any sample for CAN Frame Single wire, could you please specify the directory or upload a sample please

I search in C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2011\examples\nixnet 

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I'm working on a GM LAN bus CAN Single wire baudrate = 33.333, pin 7 CAN_H connected to the unit, also pin 3 to GND and Pin 9 to 12Vdc. 

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Hi rgomez7408


Any of the examples of xnet can work with single wire unless the bandwith restricts them. You need to change the property of your PXI card transciever to work single-wire and after this you can use any of the examples. The property node is located in the Functions Palettes>>Measurement I/O>>XNET>>Session Node. This node has a property called Interface>>CAN>>Transciever Type. You can set this property to SW and this means that it configures the PXI card to work with singlewire. After this you can use any example from the XNET folder.


I´m sending you also the XNET Manual in case you need more information


Juan Arguello
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