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Is there anyway to interpolate 2d histogram results?

Dear Folks:


I recently started using the advanced plotting toolkit and found it fascinatingly good an option to plot high quality graph using LabView. However, when I perform 2D histogram, I hope I can have an option or at least the capabilities to interpolate the plot so that it is more smooth looking. 

At present, I can not output the raw 2d histogram data as an array otherwise I should be able to do something within LabView to fix it. 

Any ideas how I can have smoothed 2d histogram results in LabView?


Many thanks



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Histograms should be blocky - they subdivide your data set into X number of bins.  If you want to see smoothed data then perhaps you don't want a 2D histogram but rather a 2D contour plot?


See -



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That's actually the good question (about some "smoothing" of the 2D Histogram, i.e. getting a 2D KDE). 

Contour plots are great, but one need to take a Z data somewhere, when to 2D Histogram you can just supply an X and Y vectors. 

This is exactly my case - I have a fairly large datasets (up to ~7M of XY points) which I wish to show on a smooth density plot. 

Histograms, as you mentioned, designed for different purpose. It would be ideal to get some kind of Kernel Density Estimate. Unfortunately, I can't find any good ready-made solution for LabVIEW for 2D KDE's calculation (otherwise I would just use ViewArray component for this). 


The good (and very fast) one KDE cruncher I've found here: or


In the attachments you can find an examples of the 64x64 bins 2D Histogram, fastKDE estimate, contour plot based on fastKDE, and KDE-like thing, basically gaussian-smoothed version of 2D Histogram. All pictures are present in black-white and colored versions (colored and scaled with ImageJ).

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