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Actor Framework, LV 2011 revision (version 2.0.2)

This file requires the VI Package Manager to install.

Most of the changes in this revision do not break backward compatibility. There is a small change to Batch Message which will break your callers, but most apps do not use that class, and since it is brand new, I'm hoping it doesn't really affect folks. If you started using the actor framework after NI Week, you can unzip this version over your existing one and continue working.

This version includes:

  1. Fixing a potential hang if caller sent a Reply Message to the callee and the callee exited before handling that message. Unhandled reply messages now get a chance to trigger their callers if the callee quits early.
  2. Making sure that the error that causes a callee to shut down actually gets reported to the caller. Previously, it was possible for the error to cause the caller to stop without ever actually getting the error and having a chance to stop. Caller actors can now override Handle Last Ack to decide how to handle an error from one of their callees. The default is still to stop.
  3. Minor tweak to Actor to check for the error before calling so overrides don't have to worry about doing this.
  4. Fix the Batch Message send  function to take a Send Queue instead of a raw queue refnum.
  5. A few bits of documentation added to VI descriptions, diagrams, etc.

There are more changes that we may make in the future, but that's it for now.

We recommend installing the Actor Framework in
           user.lib\_Frameworks\Actor Framework