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AF 4.1 for LV 2012 and later vi.lib MAIN FORK

This package installs AF 4.1 for LV 2012 or later into vi.lib.

This is the same version of the AF that released with LV 2012 with one performance improvement and one new method ("Substitute"). It is fully backward compatible with version 4.0.

This version installs into vi.lib. It replaces the AF that shipped with LV. Uninstalling this package will RESTORE the original AF.

This is the MAIN FORK. That means this is the blessed, non-experimental, certified, real community version of the Actor Framework. Anything in MAIN FORK will become a part of LabVIEW the next time LabVIEW updates its shipping version of the Actor Framework. All future versions of the Actor Framework will support all the functionality of the MAIN FORK.

There will be multiple EXPERIMENTAL and multiple DEBUG forks of the AF posted for the community to use. EXPERIMENTAL FORKs contain features that may not be stable and may be rewritten many times before they become part of the MAIN FORK (if ever). DEBUG FORKs are instrumented versions of the AF to support debugging. DEBUG FORKs are supposed to always be some version of the MAIN FORK but with debugging capabilities.