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Where is the Holy Grail for Hardware Test AF Templates

I'm constantly feeling paralyzed when I try to make architectural decisions, mainly with regards to actor hierarchies.  I've had great success in learning architecture when playing the role of a developer filling in project templates.  But when I try and start from scratch I get frozen unless I have a template to reference... Helps build confidence to make the early and high impact decisions


Does anyone have a great foundation template for hardware testing?  Such as process control, hardware control, UI, and configuration?  

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Hah, I have the same feeling, despite having made a few hardware actors before. While my stuff does work, I always wonder if I'm missing something awesome or making a dumb mistake. I will say that just making one or two hardware actors helped. My first attempt was misguided and didn't work well. Luckily I was able to identify it and refactor before I got to the end, so I wound up with something I'm happy with- but I know there's lots of room for improvement.


It's basically an analog input actor that handles DAQmx reads and sends it to various different "subscribers". It does work well for DAQmx but I don't think I did a good enough job separating the "getting data" from the rest of it, so if I had to, say, use an oscilloscope or some other brand of DAQ card it wouldn't be the simplest swap. Hence my kudo... I'd love to see some other hardware actor hierarchies the pros use.

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It's good to hear that I'm not alone in making it through the great actor framework "vale" lol.  I had the same experience with my first project to the point where I realized I just had to hit the books again.  I'm slowly improving, going back to the basics.  Drilling "what are abstraction layers and why inherit" into my head to the point where I start seeing EVERYTHING in real life as classes and abstract layers 😅.  I've just been building the project framework, trashing it and then rinse and repeat.  I think you have the right idea in starting with small hardware projects.  Perhaps the right path is to not try to be perfect, but just put in the reps until the natural path is carved out. 


On the other hand... I'm a big into competitive gaming, and I have experienced how valuable it is to observe what the top ranked players are running.  I'm sure there is always that 0.1% that would be appalled by anyones habits heh.  If only we had a LabVIEW matchmaking ladder that could determine the greatest framework!! I was given the hint that it is at least within Actor Framework.. So I guess I will stick with it.


Best of luck with your journey

Studying for CLA.
LabVIEW, inherit from social media habits!
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