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Using Microsoft Kinect with myRIO


This is a guide for using the Microsoft Kinect directly from the myRIO’s USB port.  This involves setting up libfreenect libraries on the myRIO, and testing it with an example project.

Instructions on how to use Code: 

Check out the included document “Using Microsoft Kinect with myRIO.pdf”  for more information.  You will need to download all files below.

Member WallyFromDilbert

Ok. I have followed the Microsoft with Kinect for myRIO pdf several times now and each time when I run either the Kinect Depth or Kinect Video VI, I have it inform me that "Warning: Connection to the target (myRIO) has been lost". I traced it back and it is invoked in the VI "Open Device" when it calls Library Function Node "libkinect_wrapper.*:kinect_open_device". I am lost on why this is occuring and was hoping someone may be able to suggest something. 

Member trogen

can u make kinecthesia run directly on myrio using usb ???

Active Participant BradM
Active Participant

You would need to install java to the controller (as I recall, the only major hurdle is stack size which you can change for the shell that launches the java runtime, that and making sure that the code works with openjdk, the java tools available for the controller from the feed repos), but I see no reason once you had the kinect sensor supported (correct libraries on the target to support it through libusb) that kinecthesia would work (not sure if it would handle not having a distance sensor, the Asus Xtion)

Member trogen

thanks for the help but I am new to myrio and labview . So I am not sure

how to instal java to controller.. Could you please tell me the steps

reguired and the tools required ? It would we really helpful...

Member Lexicondi

The Kinaesthesia toolkit uses the Microsoft drivers and these require ms

windows so unfortunately it won't work on the myrio. The example above

uses different drivers but these don't support skeleton tracking etc.

Member M.Shehab

Can We do color Detection with Kinect on LabVIEw ?
if yes, How this come !!

Proven Zealot
Proven Zealot

Can I use this with Kinect 2.0?? It is the latest one

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Active Participant BradM
Active Participant

The Kinect 2 does have Linux support, but it is through a different library (libfreenect2), so while it is possible to use the newer Kinect with myRIO, this project would need to be updated to work with it.

Member Kimanig22

Oh Ok thanks Brad! Actually it's your comments & input in the Forums that helped me a lot in this project. My group and I have decided to try color tracking with the kinect or webcam instead of skeletal tracking because of time constrains. But I might just check into skeletal tracking at my own time and expense.



I am sure the files yocto-base-feed.conf and yocto-debug-feed.conf are in /etc/opkg/   but it just doesn't work.