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Problem using Semaphore with my-RIO and X-CAN Stratom Adapter

Good morning,

I am developing my Master's final project controlling Mover4 robotic arm by Commonplace. I started to control it through CAN connection using my-RIO 1900 connected by X-CAN Stratom Adapter to the robot. I succeeded moving just one joint at the same time, but my professor would like to move all joint at the same time. Since I can use just one CAN bus to communicate with the robot (pin 7), I decided to modify my code adding a semaphore. When I run the code, the semaphore seems working right, but data between parallel loops are mixed. I thought that it could be happen because before running the same subVI in the different parallel loop, I don't reset variables values but I am not sure about that. 

Since it is a big project, here is the link to download it. 

Member ok.stew

Would you be able to just send the commands in series, the CAN operates at 1 MB/s so serial commands back to back would appear to be instantaneous.