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Sprint 9 - Summary

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This document was created for the myRIO Balancing Robot Project

Sprint 9

KW 42-43, 14.10.13 - 25.10.13


This Document is a short summary of development activities during Sprint 9 of myRIO Balancing Robot development.

It is part of the agile development model used for the development of myRIO Balancing Robot as described here: and


Adrian Schmid, 100%, 30 Story Points

Team TU-Darmstadt, 25 Story Points

Team DHBW, 25 Story Points

Lukas Kurmann, 10 Story Points

Team Capability

90 Story Points

Initial Sprint Backlog

U-037: Prototype Redesign (ADP, TU-Darmstadt), 100 Story Points

U-038: Courseware, 40 Story Points

U-040: VT Inital Training, 20 Story Points

U-043: myBOT Final SW, 100 Story Points

Total: 260 Story Points


Impediment 1

U-037: Prototype Redesign (ADP, TU-Darmstadt):

The TU-Darmstadt ADP Team decided to not work within the Agile Model. They want to perform their work in an standard process model.

In order to still being able to plan the progress of the development process, their workload will be divided into the remaining sprints.

This sprints progress will be defined as 50 Story Points.

Impediment 2

U-043: myBOT Final SW:

U-043 too big for one user story. Changed to Epic E-043. Introduction of:

U-044, U-045, U-046, U-047, U-048, U-049

Impediment 3

Introduction of U-050 and U-051


U-037: Prototype Redesign (ADP, TU-Darmstadt), 50 Story Points

U-044: FPGA Architecture, 20 Story Points

U-045: Mathematical Model, 20 Story Points

Burndown Chart

Burndown Chart at the Beginning of the Sprint.

Product Backlog increases again. Introduction of U-043.

Burndown Chart Sprint 9 Beginning.png

Burndown Chart at the End of Sprint 9

Product Backlog increases again. See Impediment 2 and Impediment 3.

Burndown Chart Sprint 9 End.png

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