myRIO Balancing Robot


Sprint 5 - Summary

Sprint 5

KW34, 19.08.13 - 23.08.13


This Document is a short summary of development activities during Sprint 5 of myRIO Balancing Robot development.

It is part of the agile development model used for the development of myRIO Balancing Robot as described here:


Alexandre Detroz (40%)

Tamara Moullet (60%)

Team Capability

15 Story Points /week

Initial Sprint Backlog

U-032: Understand Control General Prinicples, 8 Story Points

U-029: Simulate the real balancing robot behavior, 20 Story Points

Total: 28 Story Points


U-005: Control Algorithm was changed to Epic E-005 (21.08.13) since this was too big for a single user story.


U-032: Understand Control General Prinicple.

Achieved Team Capabiltiy

8 Story Points.

Burndown Chart

Burndown Chart Sprint 5.png

Tamara Moullet
National Instruments
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