myRIO Balancing Robot


Self Balancing Robot with myRio - without Gyroscope Sensor

heey, i'm Adrian from indonesia. Currently i'm taking bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering.. 


i'm making a self balancing robot with myRio, i'm still getting use with this type of micro-controller. 

I having a problem with PID tuning, which is make my robot unstable.. I cannot find the proper value for the PID. As i read on the internet.. First i have to set the Kc value untill the robot can stand in a few second.. but i cannot find the propoer value for the PID..


in addition, i didn't use any external sensor like Gyroscope Sensor, i only use Accelerometer sensor that build in myRio. 


i don't know what to do with my code, i try to change the value but the robot is stil unabel to stand. 


I really hope to see the answer. 

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