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CAD Prototype

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This document was created for the myRIO Balancing Robot Project

CAD Prototype


This document describes the CAD Prototype created for myRIO Balancing Robot, according to User Story U-002: CAD Prototype

The CAD Prototype was created using PTC Creo Elements. the use in LabVIEW a *.wrl File was created. All Elements (wheel1, wheel2, motormount, motor1, motor2 and myrio) of the prototype are accessible as individual parts in LabVIEW.

A rendering "balancingbot.png" has been created and is in use as the group picture for the myRIO Balancing Robot NI Community group.

All documents can be found attached to this document.

  •, contains all CREO Element files
  •, contains LabVIEW enabled *.wrl files
  • myRIO_BalancingRobot_STL_v1.stl, is a Stereolithographie File of the Robot that can be used for importing to other programs.
  • myRIO_BalancingRobot_3D_v1.pdf, is a 3D-PDF file. Useful to get an overview without the need for a CAD program.
  • Draw myRIO Balancing, is a LabVIEW project showing a quick example of how to draw a myRIO Balancing Robot inside LabVIEW.


Table of Contents

1. Creation of the CAD model

The CAD Prototype was created using PTC Creo Elements.

The parts and assembly files are presented in "" file attached to this document.

The file "myRIO_BalancingRobot_STL_v1.stl" can be used to import the model to other CAD programs, or to print the Prototype on a 3D printer.

The file "myRIO_BalancingRobot_3D_v1.pdf" is a 3D enabled pdf file that can be used to look at the CAD model without the need for specialized software.

2. LabVIEW Preparation

LabVIEW needs VRML (*.wrl) files in order to work with 3D-models. To read more about VRML files please read:

The LabVIEW model was created using the "Save as" function in CREO Elements. The VRML files have been created in the assembly view.
CREO creates a *.wrl file for every part:

  • balancingbot_v1.wrl: Assembly file for the whole robot
  • wheel_prt.wrl
  • motor_prt.wrl
  • doublemotormount_prt.wrl
  • myrio_prt.wrl

balancingbot_v1.wrl inlines all the other files. So make sure, all files are placed in the same location.

The parts are presented in "" file attached to this document.

3. LabVIEW Integration

The VI "Draw myRIO Balancing" shows a quick example how the Robot can be built inside LabVIEW.

The zip file contains a LabVIEW project, compiled for LabVIEW 2013, showing how to draw a myRIO Balancing Robot inside LabVIEW.

4. Conclusion

The CAD prototype described in this document serves as a starting point for all Simulation activities (e.g. U-028 Simulate simple balancing Robot).

The CAD prototype contains models of the elements used for the myRIO Balancing Robot prototype (as described here: The wheels, motormount and motors are exact models of the original Digilent parts.

The "myRIO" on top of the motormount is a rough representation of the real myRIO device, no mechanical structure to hold the device in place is presented in this work.

For further development additional elements can be placed on a future CAD model, e.g. batteries, sensors, an exact model of the myrio, mechanical structure.

5. Sources

6. Further Information

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