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Solar Cell Experiment

Solar Cell experiment

I bought a small Solar cell from RadioShack ( $15 ).  It’s made by .   It’s used to charge batteries or power small devices using solar.  I’m using it as a simple passive sensor ( no excitation required ).

Here’s the experiment : record the voltage output from the solar cell, and light an LED  when it goes over a certain value ( a control on the front panel )

Here’s my setup : (sensor into Analog Input 1+ and 1- .   LED into DIO7 and DGND )

IN full lighting, note the green LED is lit.   When the cell is shaded, the LED turns off.

(for photos of the setup and VI, see attached )



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Dear  Mister     

A Name is Worth a thousand Conversation. I am a Student of Electronics and communication at the national university of science and technology . 

I am forwarding this Email to you to ask to support me in this project that I try to make solar cells from perovskite in following steps
  1.  We get a glass
  2.  Spray glass with titanium dioxide solution
  3.  Apply a layer of porous oxide to the titanium dioxide layer
  4.  Two dimensions give it a spin in an envelope
  5.  Used in solar cells
  6.  Two-dimensional we respond to two-dimensional lead iodide + methyl ammonium halides (perovskite) as a liquid form.
  7.  Let him rotate in the same device in step 4
  8.  And we made the product

Alhashemi, Almuhanad
Student in level 2, At the National University of science and technology
+968 96495572
Signature: Almuhanad