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NI myMorse

NI myMorse - It really feels like you are in the 1800's!



  1. Download and extract the attached zipped folder 'NI'.
  2. Open up MyMorse.lvproj to view the Project Explorer window. This will contain all of the files required to run this VI.
  3. Depending on whether you're building the switching circuit, you can choose to run either the 'Hardware Morse' or 'MouseMorse' VIs. The MouseMorse uses the same application logic however you won't need to build any hardware to run it, you can just use your mouse instead!
  4. If you're using the hardware implementation, then you need to choose a digital input channel your connected hardware. Now Run the VI.
  5. Use the Help option on the Front Panel for information about the Morse Code signals you'll be reading in.

Full Program.png

This code makes use of the Producer Consumer Events Driven design pattern to coarsely detect the amount of time a digital pin has been held high. Based on this time value, we then convert the value into a Morse Code equivalent; a dot or a dash.

Switch Schematic:

All you will need is three pieces of wire and a couple of resistors.

Make sure that R2 >> R1 and R1 is chosen so that not more than 20mA is allowed to flow.


Alex Thomas, University of Manchester School of EEE LabVIEW Ambassador (CLAD)

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